Recipe of marinated steak, very juicy

The fillets of arrachera that we consume in Mexico are so soft and juicy, that it is hard to think that in principle, the cut of the arrachera or entraña is far from being the mildest of the whole cow.

In fact, this cut of meat is full of fibers and nerves. There are several techniques to soften the arrachera, but the most popular is the marinade. So, take into account you will need to start this preparation in advance.

How to prepare a marinated steak?

In some South American countries the arrachera is known as "entraña", while in Spain its name corresponds to the "entrécula" or "sirloin of the butcher".

arrachera recipe

arrachera recipe
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Marinated steak recipe

Learn how to prepare a steak, very easily, so that very soft and juicyFor this, we cut the oranges and lemons. Then, we will squeeze the juice.
  • We will add three tablespoons of English sauce to this liquid and a spoonful of oregano powder. We will also add a stream of beer, a touch of salt and pepper to taste and a teaspoon of ground cumin.
  • Mix well everything and dispose the liquid in a container, where to put the arracheras. Ideally, these are completely covered. If necessary, we can complete with a little more beer.
  • Then, we will cover the container with a lid, a cloth or a plastic film. Another option is to make this marinade in a bag, instead of using a container. The ideal is to let the arracheras marinate for several hours. I leave them marinating all night. If you do not have that time, at least, you have to let them marinate a couple of hours.
  • After removing the arracheras from the marinade, we will have two options: cooking them on the grill or in a pan. I love the flavor they take when they are prepared on the grill, but I know that on a daily basis, the second method will be much more accessible. So we'll heat a large skillet with a splash of oil.
  • When the pan is hot, we will start frying the arracheras. We will do this quickly, so as not to run the risk of dehydrating the meat or losing its softness. The idea is only to seal the surface, and keep the interior juicy and smooth.
  • Depending on the size of each flank steak, we will let it fry between 2.5 and 3 minutes per side.
  • Serve the arracheras immediately.
  • How to accompany the arracheras?

    The list of possibilities to accompany this dish is long. You can serve the meat next to a few onions cambray, with refried beans and with guacamole.

    You can also accompany with a good red sauce and of course, with freshly made corn tortillas.

    If you have prepared the arrachera on the grill, instead of using a pan, you can take it to roast some cactus and serve it all together.

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