Mole verde, traditional Mexican recipe

Of the hundreds of types of mole that exist in the kitchen of Mexico, the green mole is one of the best known. It may not be so internationally renowned, unlike the "chocolate sauce" or red mole. But the green mole deserves its popularity in Mexican cuisine, thanks to its mixture of seeds and peppers, which give it a flavor that is difficult to describe, but excellent.

Green mole is usually consumed with chicken or turkey (turkey), although without problems can accompany with pork or even with a piece of beef. Once, I came to try it with crocodile meat (yes, I like exotic flavors, and the dish was wonderful). But the green mole does not work only with those combinations, but its best moment is when the remains are on the plate, and we end up accompanying it with traces of red Mexican rice, and of course, cleaning the plate with good corn tortillas./p>

Recipe of green mole

This recipe may seem less simple than those we publish as usual, but it is only because of the large number of ingredients that the green mole carries. But just follow the instructions in this recipe, step by step, so that the mole is perfect, at its point, without complication.

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Homemade green mole

Mexican cuisine recipe to prepare, step by step, a delicious traditional and homemade green mole. If you do not get the green mole paste on the market, or simply, you want to prepare it from scratch, this easy recipe is for you.We will chop the latter in half and remove the veins or white parts. We will also remove the seeds.
  • We will also chop the tomatoes into irregular pieces.
  • Then, heat a large pan or pot with a jet of oil, over medium heat.
  • Once the oil is hot, we will fry the pieces of both vegetables, during 10 minutes, but constantly stirring the preparation.
  • Meanwhile, but without neglecting the vegetables that are frying, we can take advantage of to wash very well the leaves of lettuce, parsley and cilantro. In fact, I prefer to soak them in water with vinegar.
  • When the minutes are over , we will pass the chiles and fried tomatoes to a blender or robot, with the leaves that we have come to wash, the peeled garlic cloves, the piece of peeled onion and a touch of salt to taste.
  • We will process everything to obtain a mixture as homogeneous as possible.
  • Then, you need to take care of the seeds or grains. You also have to grind them. Remember that both pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds must be toasted. If you have recently toasted them and they are still hot, it will be easier to crush them. You can do this process with a mortar or a good kitchen robot. You can help with a little chicken broth or with a splash of oil, when grinding them.
  • Once ground, we will add this paste to the rest of the preparation and mix well.
  • Then, heat the mole over low heat, and let it cook for 15 minutes.
  • After this time, the green mole is ready to be served. You can use it to accompany chicken, turkey (turkey) or even pork.
  • Mole verde, traditional Mexican recipe


    Tips to prepare the green mole

    • If you have a molcajete at home, use it to grind the ingredients in the traditional style, instead of passing them through a blender or food processor . The same applies if you have a metate.
    • Pumpkin seeds or unroasted sesame seeds are not acceptable. And the black sesame seed is not accepted either. The best for this recipe is golden sesame.
    • The green mole recipe changes according to each region of Mexico, sometimes even for each town and even for each family. In some cases, the holy leaf or yerba santa is used, a very fragrant herb, common in the kitchen of the states of Oaxaca and Chiapas. In other cases, ingredients such as chayotes, and peas or green peas are added.
    • Regarding spices, there are those who add cinnamon to green mole, cloves or even ginger. If you want to try, go ahead, but I recommend doing it in moderate amounts so as not to risk that you do not like the result.
    • At the time of making this recipe, I tried to stay on the most traditional line at the time of Write the list of ingredients.Some people also use starch or corn flour (a couple of tablespoons) and dilute it in a little liquid before incorporating it into the mole. Another method, simpler, is to let it cook longer, without covering it, so that a part of the liquid evaporates.
    • If you decide to use chicken broth, I recommend our homemade chicken broth recipe . For a vegetarian mole, you can use vegetable broth or simply do not use any broth.
    • Depending on the meat you have in mind to serve with the mole, you can partially cook it in the pot with this sauce. For example, you can add shredded chicken or turkey to the mole, and let it cook with it for the final 15 minutes. You can do the same with pieces of birds or even pieces of pork already ready.