Mexican muffins recipe

Mexican muffins can be prepared in a thousand ways, but on the basis, they consist of a very simple recipe: bolillos cut in half, baked with a paste of refried beans and cheese.

Once prepared the base for our muffins, we can get creative and season them with an infinity of ingredients: pico de gallo, mushrooms, ham, chorizo, chilies, roast beef and a long list of others.

The basic recipe of muffins mexicanos

Today we are going to start by explaining the basic recipe for making the muffins, and then, we will think of some combinations and ideas to accompany them.

Take into account that you will need to prepare some beans beforehand refried to use in this recipe. Also, take into account that you will need an oven to grind the muffins.

recipe of Mexican muffins

Photo: Flickr with Creative Commons license, by T. Tseng

recipe for Mexican muffins
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Mexican muffins recipe

Easy cooking recipe to prepare classic Mexican muffins, with beans and cheese. We will explain the ingredients and the proportions to make two muffins, so they can multiply the quantities depending on how many people want to eat.It can be mozzarella, cheddar, Monterrey Jack, Chihuahua cheese or even some good Oaxaca cheese filaments.


How are Mexican muffins made?

  1. To begin, we will remove the grid or tray from the oven, and preheat it. We will do this because in a short time, we will return with the muffins to gratinate them. We will use a temperature of 200 degrees. If you have an electric oven at home, you can use it. So you will not have to turn on the traditional oven, usually larger.
  2. The beans refritos that we are going to use have to be made a paste. That is, we will have to make sure they are sufficiently crushed. If that is not the case, let's make a puree with the beans, to begin with.
  3. Now, we'll take care of the bread. With a good saw knife, cut the roll in half. This has to be done lengthwise (ie from end to end) and not across.
  4. When you have obtained the two elongated halves, you can remove a part of the bread crumb, if you wish (most chefs do).
  5. Then, you have to make an important decision: What to put first, the beans or the cheese? Yes To take better advantage of the gratin phase, is to leave the cheese layer up, but there are those who do it upside down. If you leave the beans on top, when you bite the muffin you will be surprised by the cheese layer, almost melted, hidden between the grains and the bread.
  6. The point is that you will have to generously cover the inside of each half of bread, with a generous layer of cheese and another layer of cream of beans.
  7. Next, the muffins will go directly to the preheated oven. I prefer to place them on the oven rack, for even cooking. When using the tray or plate of the oven, there is a risk of toasting the part of the bread that remains in contact with this surface (naturally, I mean toast it more).
  8. If you have prepared a couple of muffins, in three minutes we must have obtained the desired effect. For larger quantities, you may have to wait a little longer.
  9. Remove the muffins and serve immediately with the toppings of your choice.

With what to accompany the muffins?

We have already explained how to prepare the classic muffins, with cheese and beans.

Now, we can add the ingredients we want. For example, in the photo they are covered with pieces of fresh cheese (yes, more cheese!) And with strips of lettuce. Regardless of the accompaniments, I always recommend serving the muffins with red sauce or a green sauce. This way they will be delicious, even if you only serve them with beans and cheese, without adding anything else.

You can also accompany them with guacamole.

Other ideas to serve the muffins:

Molletes with pico de gallo.

These are the most common and also the most colorful.Mix everything and garnish with salt, pepper and lemon. Optionally, also pick a little jalapeño pepper or chile serrano, and integrate it into the mix.

Bathe the muffins with a little pico de gallo, after removing them from the oven.

Mexican muffins with chorizo ​​

Calculate about 50 grams of chorizo ​​for each muffin. Picalo in pieces or wheels, and fry it. Drain the fat and add it to the muffins. It can be in an additional layer, before baking them, or in the end, when they have left the oven. The chorizo ​​can be pork or turkey. You can also use green chorizo.

Mexican mushrooms with mushrooms

Calculate three pieces of mushrooms for each pair of muffins. Wash them well and cut them into slices or pieces. You can cook them quickly in a pan, and if you wish, combine them with a little onion and garlic finely chopped, and previously fried.

When you put the layers of beans and cheese to the muffins, also make a layer of mushrooms. Ready, send everything to the oven.

What to do with the bread that is left over?

If you remove a part of the crumbs from the cut bread to make the muffins, do not throw it away. You can use it for other preparations, such as Spanish crumbs, use it to give more body to a soup or sauce, or save it so that it hardens and make a reservation to prepare bread pudding, or make lost bread. You can also simply store these pieces of crumb and use them to clean the remains of the container or pot with the refried bean paste. Of course, let's "clean" and eat. We will always find a good excuse 😉