• PAPDUMS (Baked or fried light lentil flour).95
  • SAMOSAS (2 Pcs., Crisp and spicy flour turnover stuffed with potatoes and peas).95
  • MEAT SAMOSAS (2 Pcs., Crisp and spicy flour turnovers stuffed with minced lamb).95
  • ONION BHAJI (Onion Fritters).95
  • VEGETABLE PAKORA (Assorted mixed vegetables fried with batter).95
  • CHICKEN PAKORA (Chicken strips fried with batter).95
  • SHRIMP PAKORA (Shrimps fried with batter).95
  • SPICY CHICKEN WINGS (Spicy red hot marinated chicken wings).95
  • "THE CLAY OVEN DELIGHT" TANDOORI VEGETABLES (an assortment of vegetables).95
  • FISH PAKORA (6 Pcs. of Mahi Mahi fish fried with batter; served on bed of lettuce).95
  • ASSORTED APPETIZERS PLATE (2 Samosas, 2 Veg Pakora, 2 Chicken Tikka, 2 Shrimp Pakora, 2 Paneer Pakora, 2 Pcs. Sheesh Kabab).95
  • PANEER PAKORA (6 Pcs. Indian cheese fried with chick peas flour and mild touch of herbs and spices; served on a bed of lettuce).95