How to make beef stew with potatoes

The beef stew is one of the most delicious meat recipes that exist. Surely you have eaten it repeatedly and in different ways, but without a doubt the best versions are those that include potatoes in the stew.

One of the important aspects when you make a stew meat

strong> like this is that you should cook in a large pot, where the ingredients have space, for a minimum hour and a half over low heat. With this you will get a soft and tasty stew of meat.

The cutting of meat is also important. Talk to your butcher, tell him you want to make a beef stew, sell a little fatty meat and chop it into pieces to cook.

Then when you get home you can, if you want, chop the veal meat in smaller pieces. This is already your decision.

Finally, one of the secrets of a good beef stew, secret that few people will reveal, is that you must use a good broth of meat for cooking. Actually, the difference between using a super broth to only use water is abysmal. If you want a powerful broth, I recommend my recipe for beef broth, it will not disappoint you.

Now, let's cook.

Recipe of beef stew with potatoes

Recipe of beef stew with potatoes h2>

I do not recommend that you make this recipe using an express pot.Very easy.Add the pepper and then the chopped tomato. Let cook a couple of minutes.