13 recipes with nopales, very Mexican

Recipes with nopales are basic in Mexican food. However, in most other countries, this cactus is totally unknown as an edible product.

And it is a pity, because cactus is easy to produce and maintain, and has many nutritional benefits and for health. Regarding its flavor, it is a rather discrete ingredient, which adapts to its companions, such as sauces, spices, cheeses and other vegetables.

Our selection of the best nopales recipes

Nopales salads

Probably the most common way to consume nopal is in salad. That is why today we have compiled the best cactus salad ideas we have found online.

  • Traditional cactus salad

The typical cactus salad with tomato and cheese, perfect to accompany different cuts of meat or simply for a light meal, especially for vegetarians.

  • Cactus salad with beans

Two very healthy ingredients combined in one salad. Although less than traditional beans, beans are still very present in the kitchen and Mexican food, and combined with nopales, make a very typical salad.

  • Cactus salad with cilantro vinaigrette

I loved this variation of the traditional nopales salad recipe, with a vinaigrette from another very common ingredient in Mexican cuisine. I do not think there is a more refreshing version of this salad.

  • Salad with nopales and tuna

When I read this recipe, The first thing that came to mind was "fast salad". Also, it looks like a healthy and balanced dish, which you can accompany with white rice.

Roasted nopales

If I think of the vegetarian equivalent for a cut of meat, the first thing that comes to mind is a leaf of roasted prickly pear. In addition, it is a very healthy preparation and very low in calories. For me, the magic is still in choosing the ingredients well to accompany it. Or vice versa, roasted cactus can be eaten as a garnish for another dish.

  • Nopal cakes with cheese and ham

This recipe for grandmother should be among the richest in Mexican home cooking. It is as simple to prepare as roast nopales, combine them with ham and cheese, coat them and dip them in sauce. In addition, it is a very economical recipe, like almost all recipes with nopales.

  • Recipe of roasted nopales with purple onion

This should be the healthiest recipe that exists to prepare nopales. Therefore, if you chose it because you are making a diet with nopales, I recommend you not to accompany it with some enchiladas or toast.

13 recipes with nopales, very Mexican

Nopales in sauce

Anyone who has not eaten nopales in salsa, or is not Mexican, or does not like nopales. Stewed nopales are very characteristic of Mexican home and family cooking, and can even be eaten in taquitos with good corn tortillas, very fresh.

  • Nopales in red sauce

Of the most traditional ways to prepare nopales, and also one of the easiest and richest. I cook the nopales in this way, as an accompaniment, when I prepare a flank steak.

  • Recipe of nopales in green sauce

This is another classic of the kitchen with nopales. In the recipe that we are annexing, the nopales are accompanied by verdolagas, for an even more elaborate and complete vegetarian option.

  • Recipe of nopales al ajillo

We already said that the taste of nopales is rather discreet.It is a very quick dish to prepare and quite economical.

  • Recipe of nopales with potatoes

This is another classic of popular Mexican cuisine, very easy to make and very economical. In this recipe, they are accompanied with a guajillo chile sauce that gives them a lot of flavor.

  • Recipe of pickles in brine

If you simply want to learn how nopales are prepared in brine, check this recipe. Certainly, nopales in brine are a good long-term alternative to fresh nopales, which must be consumed quickly. It is also true that they are easy to get ready in any supermarket, but as we always say, there is nothing better and healthier than home cooking. Also, they are very easy to make.

  • Romeritos

Are you surprised to find this Christmas recipe on this list? If you think twice, you will no longer be surprised, because most recipes of traditional romeritos include a certain amount of nopales in their preparation. For more details, you can check our recipe for romeritos.

Benefits of prickly pear cactus

Why prepare recipes with nopales? Well, because the nopal is an ingredient full of benefits. Not to leave all those ideas in the air, and in the romantic charm that revolves around a diet rich in nopales, we are going to see some concrete benefits.

  • It is a high food in fibers, which benefits digestion and the activity of the digestive system.
  • That same fiber fully satisfies the moment of eating, but it is low in calories, so it is a good idea to lose weight.
  • For the same reasons, it is a good food to fight against constipation.
  • We have already said that cactus is a low calorie food, just as it is low in fat and sugar . So it is particularly apt to prevent high cholesterol, or for those who have sugar problems.
  • Nopal also promotes the health of blood vessels.